A Nation Ablaze

Christopher Jacob
4 min readJul 24, 2022

It is not by chance that a population develops a superego (Freudian) or collective unconscious (Jungian). The conflict between cultures among citizens also does not develop by coincidence. It is a methodical procedure used to establish concealed justifications for discriminating in diverse ways.

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The elite and their forebears meticulously select recruits to fulfill objectives for the prestigious organizations to exploit certain individuals or groups, to partition political objectives so that the populace is purposefully pitted against one another. This conflict is merely a match in a torch that they intend their citizens to ignite a blaze — a blaze they control.

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They use coercive techniques to restrict any threats of unruly influence while stoking fire into destructive influences, which fosters the process of unification through division. It allows the elite to effortlessly fill their pockets with the money of the victims of the chaos they provoked. Stripping away civil liberties and infringing the fundamental rights of their citizens is a chess move, and their citizens are pawns to further divide and unite in passionate conflict.

They want the middle class to become a minority as equal to the indigent in the social order they have erected, which will undoubtedly result in more pressure on the middle class and indigent class that must unite to suffice their limited resources.

The wealthy feast on them like the disciples drinking blood at the Last Supper.

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These organizations operate in ways that foster a “mob mentality” among their people, which advances their fabricated instability. Citizens acquiesce to such manipulative organizations’ expectations rather than chose to support their own stability. They don’t care about “political colors” because their primary goal is to employ socioeconomic strategies to subjugate the populace, regardless of whether they are conservative, liberal, or anywhere in between.



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