A Nation Ablaze

It is not by chance that a population develops a superego (Freudian) or collective unconscious (Jungian). The conflict between cultures among citizens also does not develop by coincidence. It is a methodical procedure used to establish concealed justifications for discriminating in diverse ways.

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The elite and their forebears meticulously select recruits to fulfill objectives for the prestigious organizations to exploit certain individuals or groups, to partition political objectives so that the populace is purposefully pitted against one another. This conflict is merely a match in a torch that they intend their citizens to ignite a blaze — a blaze they control.

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They use coercive techniques to restrict any threats of unruly influence while stoking fire into destructive influences, which fosters the process of unification through division. It allows the elite to effortlessly fill their pockets with the money of the victims of the chaos they provoked. Stripping away civil liberties and infringing the fundamental rights of their citizens is a chess move, and their citizens are pawns to further divide and unite in passionate conflict.

They want the middle class to become a minority as equal to the indigent in the social order they have erected, which will undoubtedly result in more pressure on the middle class and indigent class that must unite to suffice their limited resources.

The wealthy feast on them like the disciples drinking blood at the Last Supper.

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These organizations operate in ways that foster a “mob mentality” among their people, which advances their fabricated instability. Citizens acquiesce to such manipulative organizations’ expectations rather than chose to support their own stability. They don’t care about “political colors” because their primary goal is to employ socioeconomic strategies to subjugate the populace, regardless of whether they are conservative, liberal, or anywhere in between.

They use menticide to lure people into following them to advance their cause in the same way religions and cults operate. A personality cult has always been the foundation of politics and always will be a cult of personality. Synthesizing and distorting diverse cultural interpretations is a tactic used to implant animosity among its citizens that has already been socially manufactured and conditioned. The organizations label a patsy as the enemy, but the implication it bears makes it less likely that one will consider the possibility that the neighbors they were told were the adversaries may actually be helpful allies.

The snake that is unaware it’s eating its tail.

The discordant bird that isolates and cages itself.

The God who commits suicide.

According to a report from Oxfam, billionaire tycoons increased their wealth by 3.9 trillion USD amid the pandemic and social injustices that followed.

This fact alone presents a tenuous rationale for all angry social classes to participate in antisocial behavior and perceive that their actions are appropriate, rendering them exempt from any legal, sociological, humanistic, or economic repercussions.

For many corporations, politicians, and other large-scale businesses, this kind of chaos generates wealth. The influence on their people affords them riots in exchange for the rioter’s money, which the people lavishly offer them like wicker baskets at a tent revival (not to mention how much revenue the megachurches receive during these kinds of social issues).

Critical thinking is the only thing that control and adversity have in common.

Cut loose from the gradually tightening noose!

The systemic power of these factions has now actively led the deceived public in violent conflict with one another. This approach is a much stronger and more effective technique than if they gave the people the blatant reality. Unbeknownst to them, the average individual fighting for “justice” is inadvertently functioning as a pawn in a chess game that is dividing the nation. The fulfillment of this well-thought-out strategy also preserves the separation of humanity from one another, enabling government factions to continue leading the expansion of patriarchy to authoritarian-like rule once more with the premise of restoring peace and economic security.

Additionally, and perhaps, as a result, re-establishing the latent fascism that has long festered within the democracy. If unification were conceivable, it would likely be effective if implemented gradually. The dilemma with this, though, is that automation and the digital revolution will further marginalize certain demographics, especially blue-collar employees. To maintain the suppression of freedom for the lower class and the impoverished, mitigating preferential treatment is the most probable way to maintain the higher social classes, which will perpetuate the evolution of the anachronistic systemic stratification.

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Regardless of political affiliation, the average uninformed voter lacks awareness that the Democratic party bears responsibility for the institution and continuation of slavery in the United States. Therefore, it is unreasonable that these violations of human rights precede a dogmatic belief that is woven into the fabric of the societies that they produce. However, due to intergenerational influence, political party ideologies may evolve. A step toward a solution may be closer now that 266 percent more millennials ran for Congress from 2020 to 2018.

Who knows if any generation will advance and free the world of menticide.



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Christopher Jacob Gil

Christopher Jacob Gil

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