Schopenhauer’s Dual Dimensions of Reality and the Nexus Between Temporal and Eternal Justice: A Philosophical Analysis in Contemporary Context

Christopher Jacob
3 min readAug 29, 2023
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Arthur Schopenhauer (1788–1860), a prominent German philosopher, introduced a conceptual framework positing the coexistence of two dimensions of reality: the metaphysical Will-side, characterized by ultimate unity and isolation-free existence, and the Representational side, inhabited by individuated, self-powered phenomena. Within human societies, Schopenhauer asserted that temporal justice strives to curb ill-natured actions towards both humans and animals, constrained by the imperatives of the Will.

Schopenhauer’s intricate philosophy elucidates the interplay between temporal and eternal justice through the lens of Will-denial, compassion, and asceticism. It explores the implications of Schopenhauer’s ideas in the context of contemporary concerns such as altruism, cooperation, and compassion while cautioning against their potential manipulation for nefarious social control.

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Arthur Schopenhauer’s philosophical discourse introduces a nuanced understanding of reality, encompassing two interconnected dimensions: the metaphysical Will-side and the Representational side. Schopenhauer’s distinctive perspective on justice within human societies, the nexus between temporal and eternal justice, and its pertinence in contemporary contexts such as altruism and compassion. Additionally, it underscores the potential implications of Schopenhauer’s philosophy in the realm of law and its alignment with modern interdisciplinary discourses.

Schopenhauer’s Dual Dimensions and Temporal Justice

Schopenhauer’s philosophical framework elucidates the metaphysical Will-side as a realm of ultimate unity, devoid of isolated entities. Contrasted with this, the Representational side accommodates individuated phenomena, propelled by self-centered desires. Within human societies, temporal justice, constrained by the Will’s imperatives, seeks to mitigate ill-natured actions directed at both humans…



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